This significance of air duct and furnace cleaning to HVAC’s increased efficacy

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Furnace and air duct cleaning is an inevitable part of any modern home. Ask any home-owner in the Canada, whether they live on the east coast in Montreal or Toronto, the west coast in Vancouver or the middle of the country in Winnipeg, why it is important to have their air ducts and furnace cleaned, and you can be assured to get a million reasons why this procedure is important. For the most part, air duct cleaning has long been associated with improved health for the inhabitants of a house. However, as we shall discover throughout this article, this essential procedure has numerous benefits to the overall efficacy of your HVAC system. Let us look at some of the importance.

There have been numerous studies undertake to show the relationship between dirty air ducts and the overall performance of HVAC systems, and one such study reveals that the more clogged air ducts are, the harder you should expect your HVAC system to work. At times, we may want our HVAC systems to pump harder and improve their air circulation in the house. However, these systems rely greatly on the air from outside. Once the circulation of air in the house is inhibited by clogged ducts, it becomes impossible for the systems to expend the air within the house in order to meet the desired temperature. This therefore greatly reduces their efficacy.

Rats, Rat Mites and the Diseases They Carry


Rat mites and rats have been in the headlines lately. It had been noted recently that the research performed on rats discovered that they carry many more diseases. Researchers discovered several bacterial infections, including an E. Seoul hantavirus, that causes Ebola; and Bartonella bacteria, like kidney failure and hemorrhagic fever in humans. The research illustrates the frequency of those illnesses in wild urban animal communities, as well as the actual threat of febrile diseases and severe stomach problems passed on to humans from rats.

The research demonstrates a requirement for condition monitoring and enhanced virus monitoring in urban environments.

Rat mites are small organisms that primarily attack rats. The main discovery of rat mites has been in the nests of rats however when the rats are exterminated or are caught, the nest may be abandoned by the mite population looking for other hosts. They’ll bite people, usually making a red mark and blister although rat mites can’t survive on the human body.

Rat mites aren’t as difficult a bug as bed bugs and pest control may remove a rat mite problem however mite control in a framework of a building might require you to call in a professional pest control company otherwise they will remain in a house for many months.

Bartonella is well known to be passed on from dogs and cats via ticks and fleas